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thanks to Doctor who Fansite for the information below

Russell T Davies has said in his new book, 'The Writer's Tale', that if it was up to him Russell Tovey (who played Midshipman Alonso Frame in the Xmas07 special, The Voyage of the Damned) would become the 11th Doctor: "Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame, which is my favourite casting of the lot, because he's going to be huge, that man. He's amazing. I think I'd make him the Eleventh Doctor."

I just want to tell you that i will longer be posting about merchendise, just about the shows (dr who,torchwood and tsja0.

The covers of Doctor Who: Battles In Time magazine issues #53 and #54 have been revealed along with details on what you can expect to find inside:

issue 53:

& Judoon
Episode Guide: Silence in the Library
Card Clash: Davros VS Supreme Dalek
Comic Strip: The Time Stealer
Dalek Wars: Daleks VS US Military

Issue 54:

Dalek Supreme and Dalek Caan
Deck Doctor: TARDIS Panorama
Card Clash: Vespiform VS General Staal
Episode Guide: Forest of the Dead
Comic Strip: School of the Dead
Behind the Scenes: Creating the Creator!

Images and details for a new set of Torchwood key chains have recently been released9which you can see above. The first features the Torchwood Institute logo. The second features the Torchwood logo and the third features the series one Torchwood team. The first and second keychains are made of metal and the third made of plastic. They will go on sale on the 12th September of this year at £4.99.
Sjtv have given information about when and where the new sja trailer will be played,so thank you to Nabu San for the infomation below:

Having noticed that the new SJA trailer hadn't made an appearance in cinemas yet, I decided to get in touch with someone who could tell me which movies we should be watching out for. The BBC directed me to Carlton Screen Advertising, the distributors of the trailer, who informed me that:

"...the BBC's ad for The Sarah Jane Adventures will be showing in the pre-reel position (before the main adverts) from 3 October. It will be shown with family films: Fly Me to the Moon, then the following weeks [before] City of Ember and Igor."

Seems we'll have to wait three or so weeks before the trailer hits the big screen! There are three movies to choose from; though Fly Me to the Moon looks about as appealing as standing next to a Slitheen covered in vinegar. SARAH-JANE.tv recommends going to see either City of Ember or Igor.


the bbc have released a press pack for the tsja series 2, you can read the full article here

the full audio adventure of torchwood lost souls is now avaliable to download on the official website here

According to the new TORCHWOOD magazine there are plans afoot for a "one off event" combining DOCTOR WHO and its spinoff to coincide with this year's CHILDREN IN NEED.

Cast Members:

John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Loyd, Kai Owen and Tom Price are all going to return as their usual characters.
Paul Copely as a man called Clem
Peter Capaldi as Mr Frobisher
Liz May Brice as Johnson
Presumably their will be two new TW members to replace Owen and Toshiko, however, a possible new member could be Dr Rupesh Pattenchali (see an image of him
HERE), who is a doctor and therefore would fill the role of Owen's.


TOYSRUS have now released a official image (above) of there new dalek sec voice changer,click here for info a about the product

Docotr who magazine 81:

this weeks issue includes:

Three posters! The lone Dalek, the Fortune Teller and the Trickster, and the Doctor and his duplicate.
Ultimate Companions: K-9 talks us through the Doctor’s many friends.
Quiz: Take our quiz to find out which companion you’d be.
Tales from the TARDIS: Donna discovers a Vespiform!
Adventure Guide: The Lost Boy from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Comic strip: Part two of By Order of the Bonemenders – something strange is happening to the Doctor.
Doctor’s Data: The yucky clone from The Sontaran Stratagem.
Time Teasers: Puzzles to strain your brain.
Activity: Cut out a picture of Captain Jack and stick him on your face!
Woven wordsearch: Win a copy of one of the latest Doctor Who books.
Win: Life-size Doctor Who cut outs and a remote-control Dalek Sec watch could be yours.
Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

Play.com-a online shop, have now released information and a picture about there new doctor who product called the "Spinning Tardis Bubble Bath" the upcoming product features both a spinning Tardis and the tenth doctor with his sonic screwdriver,you can see it in action here.here.
it contains 250ml of bubble bath and will be released on the 30th September at the Recommended Retail Price of £3.99.

Toys R Us have recently released infomation about there new dalek voice changer, like the previous golden dalek voice changer that you can has been on our shelf for quite some time now, you can speak like a dalek using the voice changer, the picture above is illustration purposes only an official image has not yet been released.
you can read the Toys R Us Description below, and see the officle Toys R Us information here.

With the Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Mask you can speak like a Dalek, play Dalek phrases or the Exterminator sound effect using 3 activation buttons! Great dress up fun - Exterminate!

The Daleks are the Doctor’s ultimate enemy. Their outer shell is battle armour, inside which, lurks a hideous mutant from your worst nightmares. The race was genetically engineered to remove every single emotion – except hate. They despise all other living creatures and will exterminate anything and everything they come across…. without exception!

the oncoming storm have recently screencaped the new "The Sarah Jane Adventures" trailer, to view it by clicking here. and to view the trailer here on you tube,and here on the official "The Sarah Jane Adventures" website.

The SJA website has posted up a new cinema trailer for the second series! The epic new glimpse into Series 2 features Clyde Langer walking through Bannerman Road, as he breaks down the fourth wall and converses with the audience. Also featured are several new clips from 'The Last Sontaran' and 'Day of the Clown'! You can view the new trailer in cinemas nationwide from today. It'll most likely be accompanying family or adventure movies.

The original soundtrack album to Torchwood is now available to download from the Silva Screen Records website.It features Series One and Two music composed by Ben Foster and Murray Gold and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and a studio orchestra. The 32 tracks can be downloaded individually or as a full album.The CD will be released on September 22.

it is now confirmed that the previously posted Doctor Who DVD Files magazine will launch later this year. To test how popular it is they will only put the magazine on sale in the Tyne area of England to begin with and if all goes well distribute it to the whole of the United Kingdom at a later date. Their official website (and what I think is the best website ever) is now up and can be viewed here. The magazine itself will look at both the classic and new series of Doctor Who whereas the DVDs will only feature episodes from the new series. At the moment they have planed to release 28 issues.

sorry I haven't posted for the last couple of days, but Ive got a load of news so please forgive me.


firstly the 29TH SEPTEMBER has been confirmed by doctor who mania to be the date of when series 2 will start(Ill put that in the sidebar)

The CBBC Channel is currently hosting a short behind-the-scenes look at the second series of SJA. Just head over to the CBBC Channel, press the red button and choose the 'CBBC extra video' option on the menu. You'll be taken to a looped show called 'Me and My Movie Monday', which features several SJA related segments - including an interview with Tommy Knight, some tips from a sound mixer called Julian and new clips from the second series! If you can't get BBCi, you can watch the whole thing below thanks to jontycomp:

and lastly official SJA website has been updated and you can view it by clicking on the link.


this months Torchwood mag includes:

* The Car's the Star - We take a look under the bonnet (and behind the disco lights) of the cool, iconic Torchwood SUV, with the help of the cast and crew.
* Swiss family Torchwood - Behind the scenes on Radio 4's new international Torchwood adventure!
* Making Up Is Hard To Do - Torchwood makeup designer Marie Doris on making faces for a living.
* Everything Everything - Go right back to the beginning with our guide to Everything Changes!* Plus: Harms way, Rift War, Concept Art and more!

Doctor who adventures 80 includes:

The Fourth Doctor: A look at some of this Doctor’s top moments!
Four posters! The Midnight gang, the hideous Trickster, Rose and the Ninth Doctor and a brilliant Cyberman poster.
Win! Part two of your chance to win a Roboform head.
Ultimate Ood: The last part of our guide to the Ood.
Who knows: Your questions answered.
Tales from the TARDIS: A shock for Yvonne Hartman and Jackie Tyler in Doomsday!
Adventure Guide: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Comic strip: Part one of a new adventure for the Doctor and Donna – By Order of the Bonemenders.
Doctor’s Data: Tim Latimer the psychic schoolboy!
Time Teasers: Fun puzzles for you to work out!
Activity: Make a Dalek Caan mutant.
Woven wordsearch: Solve the clues and win a Doctor Who audio book.
Win: Monster artwork and Doctor Who storybooks up for grabs!
Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

and lastly you can view a autumn promo which includes David tenant and freema agyman,you can see it here.

The first promotional pictures for SJA series two have been revealed by leading science fiction magazine, SFX. Their current issue boasts an interview with SJA producer, Nikki Smith, as well as three brand new photos from the show,that you can see below:

HMV have updated their website and are now showing what seems to be a Doctor Who series four DVD box set.It be sold exclusively in their store. The image of the cover is only available at a tiny size and can be seen here.

Amazon and Woolworths have also designed exclusive box sets in the at the moment past and may or may not for the shows fourth series. Play will be releasing the normal box set but with five exclusive postcards including:

*the doctor

*The whole team

*the doctor and donna

*the supreme dalek and what seems to be to other daleks

you can see the boxset and the postcards here
you can see the normal cover here and more info about the hmv cover here.

I'm back, and with lots of news, and yes I did have a good holiday, thanks for asking.
so lets begin:

firstly info of torchwood series 3 has been released, and you can read it below:

Filming for the third series of the smash hit drama Torchwood, created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, has begun in Cardiff.

Due to transmit in 2009 on BBC One, the series – called Torchwood: Children Of Earth – sees the team embarking on a single action-packed adventure as they battle for the future of the human race against the fiercest force they have encountered.

The highly-motivated Torchwood team are John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones.

Other regular cast involved in their high-octane adventure are Kai Owen as Rhys Williams, Gwen's husband, and Tom Price as PC Andy.

Special guests in the five part series are Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who, The Thick Of It, Skins), who plays the role of Mr Frobisher – a civil servant who is hiding a terrible secret; Paul Copely (Coronation Street, The Bill) as Clem – the survivor still haunted by his past; and Liz May Brice (Bad Girls, The Bill) as Johnson – the cynical covert government agent determined to expose Torchwood.

Russell T Davies said: "The new series of Torchwood is hugely bold and promises to be bigger and better than ever – the audience is in for an amazing ride.

"This series is one big serial and the most ambitious story we've ever made, and we've got plenty of surprises in store.

"Julie Gardner, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, said: "We hope to make Torchwood a gripping and surprising TV event with storylines that push our team into greater danger and sacrifice.

"Joining our main cast are some fantastic guest artists who will only add to making this unmissable TV.

"The first two series of Torchwood have received global critical acclaim and the hit drama has been sold to more than 20 countries.

The second series of the BBC Wales-produced series, broadcast on BBC Two earlier this year, attracted audiences of around 3.4 million, peaking at 4.2 million for the first episode. Including viewers on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer the consolidated audience was 5.1 million.

When it launched on BBC Three in October 2006, it attracted the channel's highest viewing figures, with an audience of 2.5 million for the first episode.

Torchwood is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. The producer is Peter Bennett (Doctor Who).

Torchwood is written by Russell T Davies, John Fay (Clocking Off, Coronation Street, Mobile) and James Moran (Doctor Who, Torchwood) and directed by Euros Lyn (best director in BAFTA Cymru TV Awards, Doctor Who, George Gently).

Torchwood is a BBC Wales for BBC Drama Production and was commissioned by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Fiction.

you can now listen to the torchwood lost souls trailer here, lost souls will air at Wednesday 10 September 08 at 2:15PM and will be on bbc radio 4.

SFX have recently posted an interview with Anjli Mohindra on their website. In the interview Anjli talks about how she felt joining the cast of The Sarah Jane Adventures, her character Rani and much more. Two spoiler free quotes from the interview can be seen below,you can read the whole interview here but please be aware that it does contain spoilers. The Sarah Jane Adventures series two will air next month on CBBC and also star; Elisabeth Sladen, Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony and Yasmin Paige.

Above is the cover for the second exclusive Doctor Who audio book - The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett, it will be read by Catherine Tate. The first audiobook - Pest Control was read by David Tennant and was also exclusively only on audio. The Forever Trap's synopsis hasn't been revealed yet, the CD will be released on the 9th of October.

According to an article from News Of The World, two of the Doctor Who 2009 Specials are going to be filmed in the USA. The article also states that there's also going to be an American companion and it says that David Tennant will be leaving after the specials and that Steven Moffat is working on a Doctor Who film. You can read the full article here but please note these are just rumours and may all turn out to be false.
In other news the Sun is reporting that there will be another gap year between Series 5 and 6, as there will be a Doctor Who Movie to fill the gap. This may also turn out to be false. Would you like Doctor Who to be filmed in the USA with an American companion?

This Weeks Issue (issue 79) Includes:

• Interview: Ryan Sampson, who played genius, Luke Rattigan talks about working with Sontarans and his time on Doctor Who.

• Posters! Brilliant pictures of Luke Rattigan, Lucius, Dalek Caan and the Doctor.

• Ultimate Ood: More fascinating Ood facts.

• Tales from the TARDIS: Rose meets the Doctor for the first time.

• Adventure Guide: We look at Warriors of Kudlak from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

• Quiz: Be careful – we’ve got Weeping Angel quiz!

• Comic strip: Part two of Attack of the Mange Mites – the Doctor has been sucked into space.• Doctor’s Data: All about Bannakaffalatta the little Cyborg.

• Time Teasers: Hidden horror and Odd Hath Out.

• Maze: Save Donna and reach CAL in this week’s quest.

• Woven wordsearch: Win some books!

• Win: The latest Doctor Who DVD and cool books could be yours!

• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a free Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

• All this and loads more!

And lastly, here's a picture of Billie piper still pregnant,which you can view below:

there is only one pieace of news that I could find today,and the news is not that good.
addn this will be my last post Untill the 31th of this mounth

The Official Doctor Who site has just announced that BBC One will be airing the first series of the Sarah Jane Adventures (all 10 episodes-no mention of Invasion of the Bane, however) for 5 weeks, ahead of series 2.Starting August 31st at 2pm, each story will air as two-episode double bills and will also be available to watch again on the BBC iPlayer.

thanks Romana1


The BBC have now released the cover and details for the new Torchwood book: The Torchwood Archives. it will be put on all good bookshops shelf's on the 2nd of October at a price of £14.99 The cover for the book can be seen above and the info can be seen below;

The Torchwood Archives is an insider's look into the secret world of this unique investigative team. In-depth background on personnel, case files on alien enemies of the Crown and descriptions of extraterrestrial technology collected over the years will uncover more about the world of Torchwood than ever previously known, including some of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Rift in space and time running through Cardiff.

Beautifully designed throughout with full-colour photos and original illustrations, The Torchwood Archives will be an essential guide for all Torchwood fans.

The 51st issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released recently and is now on sale in all good shops and newsagents across the UK and Ireland at £2.50. This issue comes free with the usual packet of cards and inside the issue you can read about the Vespiform. Also inside the magazine;

*Episode Guide: The Doctor's Daughter
*Card Clash: Cyber Leader vs Cyber Controller
*Comic strip: Prey of the Zenith
*Daleks vs Dinosaurs

If you want to get the magazine then make sure you get it before the 3rd of September, which is when issue 52 and the Devastator special are both released.

Play.com has just listed the forthcoming SJA DVD boxset on its website, along with a brand new picture of what British buyers can expect.
Above you can see the recent cover of the Sarah Jane adventures series, It Looks like the UK cover is practically identical to its Region 1 counterpart, except we have 'Series' instead of 'Season', a view of Sarah Jane's legs, a PG rating and [from the looks of it] a cardboard box case instead of a plastic one! w00t! The Region 2 boxset comes out on 10th November 2008.
You can see the old cover here.

Filming has started on the third series of Torchwood which is due to be broadcast over a one week period in the Spring of 2009. Torchwood Magazine recently confirmed the Title as "Children of Earth".
for more pictures click here.

And secondly All the other names for the Sarah Jane adventures have been released,which you can view below:

spoilerEpisodes 1 and 2: The Last Sontaran

Episodes 3 and 4: Day of the Clown

Episodes 5 and 6: Secrets of the Stars

Episodes 7 and 8: The Mark of the Berserker

Episodes 9 and 10: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith

Episodes 11 and 12: Enemy of the Banespoiler

Following the release of The Doctor, Martha, Cybermen and Dalek standees, five more cardboard cutouts have now gone on sale. The new cardboard cutouts are of; The Master, an Ood, a Scarecrow, a Weeping Angel and K9. They have all gone on sale at an RRP of £27.99 apart from K9 who is being sold at the cheaper price of £15.99 due to the fact that he's smaller than the others. Will you be buying any of these new Doctor Who cardboard cutouts?

In This Months issue Of DWM:

Catherine Tate Talks

No way! you are Kidding me? Oh yes 'indeed. She may have left, but she's back one last time to chat to town.We're all going on a Summer HolidayA stranded space bus with a killer on board? The tact of fiction examines Delta and the BannermanSix of the BestColin Baker bravely answers questionsHe's back and it's about timeExclusive look at the Eighth Doctor and Lucie's latest audio adventuresBush TrialsThe queen of scream Bonnie langford recalls her days aboard the TARDIS

This Weeks Issue Of DWA features:

Free Sontaran Inflatable

Ood Mini Mag Monster Music

Judoon Justice - Space Police

Facts Fear the Gorgon - Sarah Jane Investigates

Doctor's Data - The Seventh Doctor

The Shadow Proclamation - Who are they?

Great New Posters

The BBC have recently released the cover which you can see below for the bbc audio "lost souls", which you can find out about it here, Lost Souls which will air on the 10th of September at 2.15pm on BBC Radio 4 and the CD will released the following day. It will cost £9.99.the caver features; Ianto Jones, Gwen Copper, Captin Jack Harkness and Martha Jones. It also features some sort of rocket and a 2 eyes staring at something.

will you be buying this product?

please comment below

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with lots of news,so lets begin:

calender news:

Danilo have now revealed the cover and released information regarding the upcoming Doctor Who 2009 pocket diary. Designed with images of Doctor Who on each page. Here is what Danilo have to say about the product;

Dr Who has come of age, enjoying a huge resurgence, this diary will include pictures of David Tennant and other cast members. So put your key dates for 2009 in your exclusive Dr Who 2009 diary!

The official cover for the 2009 Doctor Who Calender has been revealed. Each month in the calender is based on a different episode of series 4 (other than Forest of the Dead).The calender will be released by Grange Communications Ltd on October 13th 2008 for £7.99. You can order the calender at Amazon.co.uk HERE!
Danilo have now released the cover for the official Torchwood 2009 Calendar. The Calendar is to be released on the 1st of September at the price of £7.99. The cover can be seen below. The 2009 calendar will have pages with pictures from Torchwood Series 2 for each month

images of cards from the Doctor Who Battles in Time Devastator set have now appeared online. A few can be seen above and below. The cards themselves are set for release on the third of September and a special issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time will be released on the sixteenth of September to celebrate the launch of the new cards!

This summer holiday, in celebration of the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court, the organisers are holding a special fancy dress day on Bank Holiday Monday (25 th August) – any child under the age of sixteen who is dressed up as their favourite Doctor Who character will get into the Doctor Who Exhibition for FREE! Dalek, Cybermen, Ood, Sontaran costumes, even the Doctor himself – the choices are endless and all children in complete costume will be granted free entry into the depths of the Museum Hall at Earls Court where the exhibition is held!
Here are some more pictures of Georgia Moffett as Kylie from the third episode of her new tv show, SPOOKS: CODE 9. For more pictures click here and here.
and lastly Character Options (leading Doctor Who toy suppliers) have recently released an image of the 12inch Supreme Dalek in packaging below.

I'm back0(again) and wit lots of news so enjoy
and am going away again tomorrow and then I will be back on the nineteenth of this month and then going away again on the twenty second

the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine0Russell T Davies has said that torchwood series 3,5 part story Ill be called "Children Of Earth"

GE Fabbri have said that they have plans to make a second Doctor Who magazine,every issue will come with a DVD containing 2 episodes of doctor who

The first issue will go on sale at the price of £1.99 and the magazine will be published every 2 weeks
£6.99 will be the normal price of the magazine and the draft cover for the first issue can be seen above however at the moment the image is only available in black and white. The project is at a very early stage and before it goes widely on sale it will be tested somewhere in the United Kingdom to see how popular it is. It is not known when or where it will be tested yet.

torchwood magazine includes:

Another unmissable issue arrives!
The official Torchwood magazine is back with another batch of fantastic articles and interviews, plus brilliant new exclusive fiction. Check out our page here for a taste of what’s in store, including an interview with Executive Producer Julie Gardner, a Torchwood location guide, and a dynamite FX feature!

Torchwood Magazine issue 8 will go on sale tomorrow (the 14th August), at an price of £3.75
Continuing in their collection of Special Editions, DWM has announced that the official guide to the most recent series will be released on Thursday 14th August. The SERIES 4 COMPANION will cost £6.99 and contain over 140 pages of pure doctor who (and a bit of tarchwood and sja I expect)

2 BBC audio books, covers and titles have been released,below you can see the cover and the description,it is not yet known how much they will cost or when they will be released.According to the cover they are both written by stephen cole and are both read by

Sarah Jane Smith and her friends investigate a mysterious clinic, in a thrilling new adventure read by Elisabeth Sladen. When Sarah Jane disturbs a burglar in the night, she is surprised to find a middle-aged woman, her pockets stuffed with jewellery, demanding gold. The next day, she reads a newspaper story about a granny who broke into a jewellers, and then Maria reports that a woman has been stealing rings and necklaces from the girls' changing room at school. All the women had recently attended the Auriga Clinic, a private health centre specialising in treating muscular aches and pains. Is there a link between the clinic and the odd behaviour of its patients?Sarah Jane decides to find out, but she soon discovers that the clinic's secret agenda is more sinister than she could ever have imagined...Elisabeth Sladen, who stars as Sarah Jane in the CBBC TV series, reads this exclusive audio story which has been written by bestelling author Stephen Cole. The cover photograph shows Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane with Yasmin Paige as Maria, Thomas Knight as Luke, and Daniel Anthony as Clyde.
A stone circle spells danger for Sarah Jane Smith and friends, in a thrilling new adventure read by Elisabeth Sladen. Sarah Jane is helping out on a school trip with Luke, Maria and Clyde's class. On the way home, the group stop off at The Stone Whisperers, a dozen standing stones enclosed by a dome. Set apart from the circle is a thirteenth stone: the King Stone. Legend has it that this is an evil king who was captured in battle by twelve knights, and turned to stone. To keep him imprisoned, the knights too turned to stone, holding him forever in their power. Nice story, but it's just a myth - isn't it? Luke finds himself strangely drawn to the King Stone. Over two metres high, and covered in moss, it glows with a strange, unearthly light.But when the secret of the stones is finally revealed, the school party's enthusiasm turns to terror...Elisabeth Sladen, who stars as Sarah Jane in the CBBC TV series, reads this exclusive audio story which has been written by bestelling author Justin Richards. The cover photograph shows Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane with Yasmin Paige as Maria, Thomas Knight as Luke, and Daniel Anthony as Clyde.

a Sarah Jane Adventures Board Game(above) that was to be released on July 30th and cost around about £17.99. the aim of the game was to "repel an alien invasion as you attempt to be the first player to collect four extraterrestrial artefacts." It even came with a battery-powered Mr Smith decoder!
I'm sad to report that the release of the product has been permanently cancelled(DAMN).rumours suggest that Toy Brokers (the manufacturers of the board game) aren't the only ones looking to pull their SJA merchandise. Character Options (the manufacturers of the SJA toysets) may be pulling the plug on their Sarah Jane line, too. More news as we get it.

I am very sorry to inform you that there will be no more posts until thursday, so very sorry.(I am going camping (again)

I will be back on thursday!

Sorry I dint post yesterday,or the day before,(my computer broke down),so anyway here's a load of news

BBC Radio 4 has scheduled the Torchwood radio episode Lost Souls for Wednesday 10 September at 2:15PM BST (9:15AM EDT, 6:15AM PDT). This 45-minute radio episode features the cast of Torchwood shortly after the events of the Series 2 finale "Exit Wounds".

Lost Souls will air as part of the day-long coverage of CERN's (European Organization for Nuclear Research) experiment re-creating the aftermath of the Big Bang.

Spoiler+Somewhere out there in that chaos of darkness and light, of science and protons, of gods and stars and death... somewhere there's an answer.

"The Torchwood Institute was founded by Queen Victoria in 1879 to protect the British Empire against the threat of alien invasion. By 2008, all that remains of the organisation is a small team based in Cardiff. And now, following the tragic deaths of two of their colleagues, the remaining three – Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones – have to protect the human race against another unknown force from the darkness.

Martha Jones, ex-time traveller and now working as a doctor for a UN task force, has been called to CERN – the world's largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva – where they're about to activate the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
The LHC is a particle accelerator which has been built deep underground in a 27km tunnel under Switzerland and France. Once activated, the collider will fire beams of protons together, re-creating conditions a billionth of a second after the Big Bang – and potentially allowing the human race a greater insight into what the universe is made of.

But so much could go wrong – it could open a gateway to a parallel dimension, or create a black hole – and now voices from the past are calling out to people and scientists have started to disappear...

Where have the missing scientists gone? What is the secret of the glowing man? What is lurking in the underground tunnel? And do the dead ever really stay dead?+spoiler

2entertain have now launched a new test which allows you to find out which main character you are most like from Doctor Who(since its return in 05) There are four outcomes and they are; The Doctor, Donna, Rose and Martha. Please take part in the quiz here and please comment and tell us who you were
The fiftieth issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time is now on sale across the United Kingdom priced £2.50,The issue comes with a free packet of Invader/Ultimate Monsters cards and has all of this in it:

· The Axons: Family of Terror!
· 10Th Doctor VS The Master
· Episode Guide: The Poison Sky
· Comic Strip: Swarm of the Zenith
· Hitchhiker's guide
· Plus much more

A Radio Times cover from 2005 (above) featuring a Dalek invasion of Westminster, has made it to the final 16 in a vote to decide the greatest magazine cover of all time.The cover faces stiff competition, including Darth Vadar on the cover of Empire, Vivienne Westwood posing as Margaret Thatcher on the cover of Tatler, and Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue.Doctor Who and Radio Times fans can vote for the vote Dalek! cover by clicking here. The closing date for votes is 18Th September 2008 and the winning cover will be announced on 29Th September, during Magazine Week 2008.

now more Jenny news.

as you will properly know Georgia Moffett is dating David Tennent so!here's some Gossip like9pictures of them!after they attended a performance by CATHERINE TATE in her current play, Under The Blue Sky.

for more pictures click here and here.

and more spooks code nine pictures:

for more pictures click here, here and here,and below you can watch a clip from the show on you tube.
the show starts this Sunday on BBC three in the UK.

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