Images and details for a new set of Torchwood key chains have recently been released9which you can see above. The first features the Torchwood Institute logo. The second features the Torchwood logo and the third features the series one Torchwood team. The first and second keychains are made of metal and the third made of plastic. They will go on sale on the 12th September of this year at £4.99.
Sjtv have given information about when and where the new sja trailer will be played,so thank you to Nabu San for the infomation below:

Having noticed that the new SJA trailer hadn't made an appearance in cinemas yet, I decided to get in touch with someone who could tell me which movies we should be watching out for. The BBC directed me to Carlton Screen Advertising, the distributors of the trailer, who informed me that:

"...the BBC's ad for The Sarah Jane Adventures will be showing in the pre-reel position (before the main adverts) from 3 October. It will be shown with family films: Fly Me to the Moon, then the following weeks [before] City of Ember and Igor."

Seems we'll have to wait three or so weeks before the trailer hits the big screen! There are three movies to choose from; though Fly Me to the Moon looks about as appealing as standing next to a Slitheen covered in vinegar. recommends going to see either City of Ember or Igor.


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