Filming has started on the third series of Torchwood which is due to be broadcast over a one week period in the Spring of 2009. Torchwood Magazine recently confirmed the Title as "Children of Earth".
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And secondly All the other names for the Sarah Jane adventures have been released,which you can view below:

spoilerEpisodes 1 and 2: The Last Sontaran

Episodes 3 and 4: Day of the Clown

Episodes 5 and 6: Secrets of the Stars

Episodes 7 and 8: The Mark of the Berserker

Episodes 9 and 10: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith

Episodes 11 and 12: Enemy of the Banespoiler

Following the release of The Doctor, Martha, Cybermen and Dalek standees, five more cardboard cutouts have now gone on sale. The new cardboard cutouts are of; The Master, an Ood, a Scarecrow, a Weeping Angel and K9. They have all gone on sale at an RRP of £27.99 apart from K9 who is being sold at the cheaper price of £15.99 due to the fact that he's smaller than the others. Will you be buying any of these new Doctor Who cardboard cutouts?

In This Months issue Of DWM:

Catherine Tate Talks

No way! you are Kidding me? Oh yes 'indeed. She may have left, but she's back one last time to chat to town.We're all going on a Summer HolidayA stranded space bus with a killer on board? The tact of fiction examines Delta and the BannermanSix of the BestColin Baker bravely answers questionsHe's back and it's about timeExclusive look at the Eighth Doctor and Lucie's latest audio adventuresBush TrialsThe queen of scream Bonnie langford recalls her days aboard the TARDIS

This Weeks Issue Of DWA features:

Free Sontaran Inflatable

Ood Mini Mag Monster Music

Judoon Justice - Space Police

Facts Fear the Gorgon - Sarah Jane Investigates

Doctor's Data - The Seventh Doctor

The Shadow Proclamation - Who are they?

Great New Posters

The BBC have recently released the cover which you can see below for the bbc audio "lost souls", which you can find out about it here, Lost Souls which will air on the 10th of September at 2.15pm on BBC Radio 4 and the CD will released the following day. It will cost £9.99.the caver features; Ianto Jones, Gwen Copper, Captin Jack Harkness and Martha Jones. It also features some sort of rocket and a 2 eyes staring at something.

will you be buying this product?

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