sorry I haven't posted for the last couple of days, but Ive got a load of news so please forgive me.


firstly the 29TH SEPTEMBER has been confirmed by doctor who mania to be the date of when series 2 will start(Ill put that in the sidebar)

The CBBC Channel is currently hosting a short behind-the-scenes look at the second series of SJA. Just head over to the CBBC Channel, press the red button and choose the 'CBBC extra video' option on the menu. You'll be taken to a looped show called 'Me and My Movie Monday', which features several SJA related segments - including an interview with Tommy Knight, some tips from a sound mixer called Julian and new clips from the second series! If you can't get BBCi, you can watch the whole thing below thanks to jontycomp:

and lastly official SJA website has been updated and you can view it by clicking on the link.


this months Torchwood mag includes:

* The Car's the Star - We take a look under the bonnet (and behind the disco lights) of the cool, iconic Torchwood SUV, with the help of the cast and crew.
* Swiss family Torchwood - Behind the scenes on Radio 4's new international Torchwood adventure!
* Making Up Is Hard To Do - Torchwood makeup designer Marie Doris on making faces for a living.
* Everything Everything - Go right back to the beginning with our guide to Everything Changes!* Plus: Harms way, Rift War, Concept Art and more!

Doctor who adventures 80 includes:

The Fourth Doctor: A look at some of this Doctor’s top moments!
Four posters! The Midnight gang, the hideous Trickster, Rose and the Ninth Doctor and a brilliant Cyberman poster.
Win! Part two of your chance to win a Roboform head.
Ultimate Ood: The last part of our guide to the Ood.
Who knows: Your questions answered.
Tales from the TARDIS: A shock for Yvonne Hartman and Jackie Tyler in Doomsday!
Adventure Guide: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Comic strip: Part one of a new adventure for the Doctor and Donna – By Order of the Bonemenders.
Doctor’s Data: Tim Latimer the psychic schoolboy!
Time Teasers: Fun puzzles for you to work out!
Activity: Make a Dalek Caan mutant.
Woven wordsearch: Solve the clues and win a Doctor Who audio book.
Win: Monster artwork and Doctor Who storybooks up for grabs!
Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

and lastly you can view a autumn promo which includes David tenant and freema agyman,you can see it here.


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