The first promotional pictures for SJA series two have been revealed by leading science fiction magazine, SFX. Their current issue boasts an interview with SJA producer, Nikki Smith, as well as three brand new photos from the show,that you can see below:

HMV have updated their website and are now showing what seems to be a Doctor Who series four DVD box set.It be sold exclusively in their store. The image of the cover is only available at a tiny size and can be seen here.

Amazon and Woolworths have also designed exclusive box sets in the at the moment past and may or may not for the shows fourth series. Play will be releasing the normal box set but with five exclusive postcards including:

*the doctor

*The whole team

*the doctor and donna

*the supreme dalek and what seems to be to other daleks

you can see the boxset and the postcards here
you can see the normal cover here and more info about the hmv cover here.


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