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* Free Squirty Lazer Screwdriver
* Create a Comic companion
* Vespiform Facts
* Who was the Master? - Master Plans
* Ultimate Daleks - part 4
* Vote - Who's the best villain?
* Win a cool Cyber Controller Head - Token 2
Hamlet officially opened with it's Press Night last night( and the eyes of the British media were on David. The story has been covered by many, with positive reviews in the newspapers(above) as well as the BBC News At Ten and BBC Breakfast.

Michael Billington from The Guardian called David the "best Hamlet in years" and awarded it four stars.
"He is a fine Hamlet whose virtues, and occasional vices, are inseparable from the production itself," Mr Billington said.
He said the play was a "quicksilver intelligence, mimetic vigour and wild humour", calling David an "active, athletic, immensely engaging Hamlet".
The Daily Express said he deserved praise for his handling of the "challenging" soliloquy, writing that his "near-whispered delivery is sensitive and polished".
The Independent's Paul Taylor gave the play four stars and called David's display "an extremely captivating performance".
He said David was "adept at most aspects of the role but he excels when the prince becomes a prankish provocateur".
Benedict Nightingale of The Times said the play's "fluent, pacey, modern-dress revival" of Hamlet gave Tennant the chance to shine "and, praise be, he seizes it".
He wrote: "I've seen bolder Hamlets and more moving Hamlets, but few who kept me so riveted throughout."

You can watch the BBC news report here and see the BBC at the Stage Door here.
The best of the press reviews can be read in full here.

we can now get doctor who ice cubes at a price of £5.99,they consist of:
The Dalek
the Tardis
a Cyberman
the Doctor Who logo
And lastley yesterday (August 5) its Paul Kasey's birthday! he has appeared in sixteen episodes of Doctor Who, and three episodes of Torchwood.He has numerous characters,such as:

Anne Droid
Clockwork Man
Pig Slave

thankyou crmhpfan for the news above.


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