comic con!

This years Comic-Con figures include a "Time crash" twin set limited to 3000 numbered sets and 100 un-numbered sets in the UK. The UK set also comes without theTop Trumps Card.. The second Comic-Con Figure depicts the 9th Doctor as seen in Fathers Day with a Green top.
The UK100 sold out almost immediately.(click for bigger pictures)

The third DVD of Doctor Who series four was released on DVD today and is now on sale in most shops across the United Kingdom at a price of £17.99. Featuring:

Silence in the Library

Forest of the Dead

Midnight, the DVD

it has a running time of approximately 135 minutes and comes free with a Super Top Trump card of River Song! you can see the cover for it here.

And lastley the TV Guide listings magazine in the United States has published a list of "hottest Sci-Fi stars".

John Barrowman was number 9 on the list with the judges saying "This man does not get enough attention in the States. He's gorgeous and possibly one of the funniest actors I've ever seen. He's so charismatic, not to mention he can kiss anyone and make it hot!"

David Tennant came in at number 6 because "It's the mussy hair, the expressive eyes, the adorable dimples when he smiles and the accent. Or maybe it's the talent. Whatever it is, he's got it."


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