Filming pictures of the Sarah Jane adventures have now appeared online(but they may contain spoilers), and they are APPARENTLY for episodes nine and ten,and the wighting you see below might or might not be true, but I think it makes a makes a good 2 episodes.

Episodes 9 and 10:

Spoiler:PLOT:The episodes revolve around Sarah Jane and Luke being somehow taken back in time to the 1950's, to Foxglove Village - at a time when the local fete is taking place. What's unusual about all this?! Sarah's parents are there too, as is a likkle baby Sarah Jane Smith! Trouble is, grown up Sarah doesn't remember momma (Barbara) or her papa - they died in a car accident when she was still a baby. Can Sarah do what it takes to prevent herself from becoming an orphan, by changing the course of history?!:Spoiler

And in other news starting from tonight BBC three will be doing the first three series of Doctor Who since it's return in 2005 will be repeated on BBC Three. Rose, episode one of series one, will air tonight at 7pm and will be followed by a cut down version of the Doctor Who Confidential for the episode. The End of the World will air tomorrow and The Unquiet Dead will air on Monday. Scheduling may change due to the upcoming Olympics so if you want to keep up to date about when the next episode will be on keep checking back here.


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