Aliens of London was the fourth episode of Series 1, and the first story to introduce the Slitheen. It was first broadcast on 16 April, 2005, and is the first of a two-part story. The concluding episode, World War Three, was broadcast on 23 April.

Eposide location:

London, March, 2006


the Slitheen


Keith Boak


Phil Collinson


Russell T. Davies


7.6 million viewers


The Doctor takes Rose back to 21st century London, just in time to witness a spaceship crashing into the River Thames, triggering a worldwide state of alert and the closing off of the city. As the Doctor investigates the survivor of the crash, Rose finds problems closer to home.

Cast list:

The Doctor - Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler - Billie Piper
Jackie Tyler - Camille Coduri
Spray Painter - Corey Doabe
Policeman - Ceris Jones
Reporter - Jack Tarlton
Reporter - Lachele Carl
Ru - Fiesta Mei Lung
Bau - Basil Chung
Matt Baker - As himself
Andrew Marr - As himself
General Asquith - Rupert Vansittart
Joseph Green - David Verrey
Indra Ganesh - Navin Chowdhry
Harriet Jones - Penelope Wilton
Margaret Blaine - Annette Badland
Doctor Sato - Naoko Mori
Oliver Charles - Eric Potts
Mickey Smith - Noel Clarke
Space Pig - Jimmy Vee
Assistant Commissioner Strickland - Steve Speirs
Slitheen - Elizabeth Frost, Paul Kasey, Alan Ruscoe

Previous story: "The Unquiet Dead"

following story: "World War Three"


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