Tate in new play

not that much news today, well hardley any news since dr who has ended,well here it is:

in an interviw with "this is london" newspaper she has said that she willstar in a new play called Under the Blue Sky.

you can read the first part of the interviw below:

Catherine tate and I are talking about embarrassing crushes (are there any other kind?). "Ooh," she recalls, her face crumpling in memory. "It's that thing where you're not interested in someone until someone tells you they fancy you. And then suddenly you're 'Oh, right', you start making the case for it, don't you? And then when they go off you, you're left with this awful crush." Tomorrow Tate, 40, opens in the West end revival of David Eldridge's Under the Blue Sky, first seen at the royal Court in 2000 - a bittersweet comedy about the tangled love lives of a group of London teachers. Tate is Michelle, the hilariously promiscuous 38-year-old maths teacher who has just been dumped by the love of her life.

You can see the full interviw here and under the Under the Blue Sky's homepage here


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