Firstly Journeys end official ratings were a whopping 10.57 million people. For the first time in the shows 45 year history, Doctor Who was the most watched program of the week and with an AI of 91!
above you can see the DVD cover for doctor who series 4, volume 4 DVD,Set for release on the 1st September it includes Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End.

the box set is released on the 3rd November and the third volume of series four will be released on DVD next month (august)

It includes all of this:

Three posters: The Supreme Dalek, Mr Halpen with an Ood, and Matron Cofelia
Adventures Guide: Partners in Crime. Donna meets the Doctor again . . .
Tales from the TARDIS: There's something on Donna's back in a scene from Turn Left
Quiz: A Quintus from Pompeii quiz
Make: A Doctor mask
Doctor's Data: Find out about the Sixth Doctor
Comic strip: In the year 3269, trouble is waiting for the Doctor and Donna
Time Teasers: Shadow Monsters and TARDIS Scanner
Win: Lots of goodies - including Doctor Who DVDs
Find out: How to become a Time Agent and receive a free newsletter every week

And below you can see 2/4 of the covers of doctor who magazine issue 398
the news papers the sun and the daily mail have pictures of Catherine Tate hurting her ankle, click here for the daily mail article and here for the sun article.
and lastley torchwood issue 7 cover you can see above,
it includes:
* Threes Company - Inteview with Julie Gardner
* The Daleks Invade Torchwood - Behind the scenes
* All About Eve - Eve Myles answers the questions in a crazy 'Where's your Head At'
* Our friend Electro
* Art of Class - Get conceptual with the artist's behind the Torchwood look!
* Catch Tregenna - The writer of fan favourite, Captain Jack Harkness, on memory, Meat and more!
* The Fall Guys - The brave men and women behind Torchwood's spectacular stunts!
* Plus - The Continuation of our exclusive comic strip; all the latest news on the show; Richard Stokes' producers' column; and free posters!


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