Top trumps have released some more info about there upcoming Dr who top trumps:

the first Top Trumps: Collectors Edition, this pack takes you from Coal Hill School in 1963 through to San Francisco in the 20th Century as we look at the daring escapades of all the Doctor's classic regenererations! No adventure would be complete without companions, and the Top Trumps Tardis has them all, from Susan to Leela to Ace, not forgetting of course the tenacious Sarah Jane Smith. Of course, every adventure needs a villain and this pack has creatures from across the universe - from the Sea Devils, the Zygons and the Kandyman to the Master's and his evil schemes and the wanton destruction of the Daleks and Cybermen.Look out for the TARDIS presentation box in your local store at the end of the week, and find out just what your mum and did; hid behind the sofa!

The Stolen Earth shown at 17:30 got 1.6 million watching, and was the 21st most watched programme of the day. The programme won its time slot. Journey's End, shown later at 18:15, got 2.6 million watching and was the 13Th most watched programme of the day.

and lastly the BBC site has been updated (well not rely updated but new)


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