firstly after the repeat of Dr who last night they aired a 20 second long Sarah Jane time teaser:

in an interview with the daily Telegraph, Julie Gardner said some news of the specials next year. she said The first of the specials will air this Christmas and the last of the specials will air next Christmas.

here's a unique quote from the interview:

"Our main motivation for giving Doctor Who a break is that we want the audience to remember how much they love it," she said. "Come 2010, we want people to be cheering its return. We are making four one-hour specials. The first, which we've already filmed, will go out this Christmas. The next will go out the following Easter. The other specials have yet to be scheduled, although one will definitely be on at Christmas 2009."

and talking about next year it is rumoured that one of the episodes will be set in Egypt...

and lastly, ever wondered what would happen if top gear meet doctor who?
lets find out:


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