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2008 Christmas Special:
according to "very good, close sources", this episode is indeed based on that audio, and is a light comedy after the tearjerker of the finale. David Morrisey is the fake Doctor, and the Cybershades/Cyberwraiths are fakes made by Morrissey's character, only for the real Cybermen (and the real Doctor) to show up...

Filming has finished for the 2008 Christmas special rumored to be called "Ghosts in Machines" and you can now see the trailer here on the BBC website.

2009 specials:
there will either be 3 or 4 our long specials, one of which will broadcast at Easter and another at Christmas.

John Simm (who plays the sixth master)- instead of a small cameo in series 4, plans were changed to bring the Master in a much bigger way in the specials

Paul Mgann (the eighth doctor) is rumoured to return in 2009 in an episode directed by Graham Harper (heard by a few people but apparently the "latest sources" say this is not happening)

2 of the specials will be written by R.T.Davis and the rest will be co written by him.

According to Julie Gardner, characters and storylines from last series will not necessarily be picked up for the specials

Sea Devils. "The return of The Sea Devils is definitely planned and all preliminary work has long since been concluded."

how many specials are there?:

Three specials were mentioned in the original press release.
DT confirmed four on the Andrew Marr show.
DWM 397 also confirmed four specials for 2009.
The Guardian said there were five in total.
The latest information from Julie Gardner mentions four specials (including Christmas 2008) then mentions DT coming back to film them.

series 5:
as you all know R.T.Davis will hand over the tardis key to S.Moffat (R.T.D is leaving and is being replaced by S.M)

According to DWM, apparently "THEY'RE BACK" but we don't know who they are but properly the daleks.

Einstein And Eddington
and secondley the BBC have recently released information about Einstein And Eddington,the upcoming show starring David Tennant as Arthur more about it below:

"David Tennant and Andy Serkis star in this drama set amid the chaos and uncertainty of the First World War. Einstein And Eddington chronicles the interlinked stories of two extraordinary men striving for a greater truth while refusing to be constrained by national boundaries.

Albert Einstein (Serkis) spent years working on his General Theory of Relativity, which threatened to overturn two centuries of Newtonian certainty and the foundations of British science. Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was a prominent British astrophysicist who, as a Quaker, believed that "truth knows no boundaries" and bravely championed Einstein’s theories while Britain rejected anything German.

In 1919, Eddington undertook an expedition to Africa to photograph light bending round the sun during an eclipse. These photographs not only proved the theory to be correct, but turned Einstein into a worldwide superstar.

Directed by Philip Martin (Prime Suspect – The Final Act) and written by Peter Moffat (Hawking), Einstein And Eddington co-stars Jim Broadbent, Lucy Cohu, Jodhi May and Rebecca Hall."

it will air (be put on TV) this autumn (2008) on BBC Two and you can view a Advert from the show here, and you can see David Tennent filming at st Johns here.

will you be watching Einstein And Eddington? please comment below.


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