The SJA website has posted up a new cinema trailer for the second series! The epic new glimpse into Series 2 features Clyde Langer walking through Bannerman Road, as he breaks down the fourth wall and converses with the audience. Also featured are several new clips from 'The Last Sontaran' and 'Day of the Clown'! You can view the new trailer in cinemas nationwide from today. It'll most likely be accompanying family or adventure movies.

The original soundtrack album to Torchwood is now available to download from the Silva Screen Records website.It features Series One and Two music composed by Ben Foster and Murray Gold and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and a studio orchestra. The 32 tracks can be downloaded individually or as a full album.The CD will be released on September 22.

it is now confirmed that the previously posted Doctor Who DVD Files magazine will launch later this year. To test how popular it is they will only put the magazine on sale in the Tyne area of England to begin with and if all goes well distribute it to the whole of the United Kingdom at a later date. Their official website (and what I think is the best website ever) is now up and can be viewed here. The magazine itself will look at both the classic and new series of Doctor Who whereas the DVDs will only feature episodes from the new series. At the moment they have planed to release 28 issues.


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