stolen Earth is broardcasted today at 10 past 7 and is followed by doctor who confidential 8Oclock

and whats rely anoying is that we have no pictures or spell check so be prepared for some dogay wrightig!

and secondly we can now see the blowfish torchwood action fuiger here:

And lastly (before the details of stolen earth) heres a digitle spy"cult" interviw with nicoulas briggs

The darkness is here. In the first part of the Doctor Who finale, the Earth is literally plucked right from under the Doctor's feet and transported to a destination unknown. While the Doctor scratches his head, the mother of all reunions ensues on Earth, as his allies (Captain Jack, Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones) come together to help deal with the crisis. Behind the dastardly act are the seemingly-indestructible Daleks, now under the charge of one of the Doctor's old foes. Nicholas Briggs, voice of the metal menaces, previews the final episodes.

What has happened with the Daleks since we last saw them?
"The last survivor of the Cult of Skaro, Dalek Caan, has had a very rough time. Something very odd has happened to him! That's linked up to a load of stuff that I couldn't possibly reveal because unfortunately the Daleks have used a mind probe to erase my brain.

When did you find out that you would be returning for the final two episodes?
I think those who I know that knew about it, including David Tennant, might have given me hints pretty early on. I think David said to me, 'I'm not cagey but if things go as planned, you'll probably be here in March for the final block.' I'd kind of known it was on the cards for quite some time.

How did you react when you read the script for this week's episode, The Stolen
?Well first of all, it didn't have a title, so I didn't know what was [going to happen]. It's a great, exciting title, but it does rather give stuff away, doesn't it? The whole build-up was very exciting, bringing together the new mythos of Doctor Who with Torchwood and Sarah Jane. I was quite taken aback about how epic it is - and it really pays off in the final episode, which of course I can't tell you anything about. D'oh! How annoying.

How difficult was it to perfect the voice of the deranged Dalek Caan?
Well, it was a great challenge, a bit like when we did the Dalek Emperor in the first series. When Russell [T Davies] introduces a character like that, there is a whole chunk of stuff in the script that describes the voice. He did the same for Dalek Caan, which gave me a real key into what I could do. Then I evolved all these different theories about Dalek Caan's neurons firing in the wrong direction in his brain. He can't tell when he's happy or sad, his emphasis is very strange and he finds things funny when things aren't funny. He's a kind of soothsayer really. His mind is almost pure.

Do you ever get to improvise any Dalek dialogue?
No, although there's some bits in this one where they kind of go a bit crazy, and things go wrong at one point, so they do a few strange noises. I suppose that required improvisation in a scene. Also I remember in 'Parting of the Ways' when they flew into the void, I had hours of fun in the studio [doing Dalek screams]. When I heard it back, it was hilarious, because they'd multitracked it. It sounded like the cat in that old public information film!

We know Davros is returning for the finale, but are there any other foes from the classic series you'd like to see come back?
I do the Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish, and we've had the Ice Warriors back in a couple of times. I've rather enjoyed doing those. I can't immediately think of anything else that should come back. I'd be happy for it all to be Daleks, frankly.

What was it like on set with so many former companions returning?
It was like a really good party, in that people would all be standing around in different groups chatting, and everybody was getting on really well. There was a slight 'end-of-term' feeling, in the best possible way. I suppose you would wonder if there might be some tension, but there wasn't at all. It was lovely to see people back you haven't seen for a while.

How do you feel about Steven Moffat taking over as executive producer?
Steve's take on Doctor Who is fascinating. His stories have won awards. I'm really excited about it. It'll be interesting to see because he's got such an interesting mind. I don't know what's coming up at all, but I suppose he's going to change a few things.

Finally we know the Cybermen are back for this year's Christmas Special. Are you back doing their voices?
Well, were the Cybermen to be involved in something, I guess they would get me to do the voices! If that is in fact true. I believe there may have been some pictures of the Cybermen on the internet..."

and very lastly the details about stolen earth:

The Name for this episode was going to be the following:
Ruins of Skaro,
Ruins of Gallifrey,
The Medusa Cascade,
Children of Time,
The Stolen Earth,
God Of The Daleks,
War on Skaro,
Revenge of the Daleks.

But the bbc have officialy announced it is called "The stolen earth" on 12/6/2008

Earth's greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, but can the Doctor's secret army defeat the might of the new Dalek Empire? With battles on the streets and in the skies, the Doctor and Donna must brave the Shadow Proclamation to find out the truth. However, a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows...

Other notes:
A leaked picture shows Dalek Caan (in gold armour, NOT red) with his front taken off, exposing the "true Dalek" inside. He is connected to a cloning machine (in keeping with the clone theme of series 4) which is used to produce all the other Daleks seen in the episode.It is rumoured Davros speedily created the new Dalek race by using a progenation machine similar to the one shown in The Doctor's Daughter or a cloning machine. The Daleks invade UNIT. In the mid series trailer some Daleks were seen with the UNIT logo behind them. There is also a character called General Sanchez who is said to work for UNIT. Harriet Jones is either inside a normal Dalek casing or the Red Dalek casing. The Eighth-Ninth Doctor Regeneration is explained. Gallifrey is restored. This is a possibility as it has been rumoured that RTD wants to erase all he has changed in Doctor Who, ready for when Steven Moffat takes over. Judoon are definitely coming back as they were in the next time trailer, and will fight the Daleks. It is rumoured that Martha will defy General Sanchez's instructions and fight with the Doctor instead of letting UNIT deal with it which will possibly cause their downfall as it's shown in the trailer 3 Daleks with a UNIT sign behind them, possibly invading and taking out Earth's main defence (apart from the Doctor). The Dalek in the shadows is NOT Davros as the Dalek has gold armour but pictures of the new Davros show him with black armour Not true as in the HD Trailer, you can clearly see the blue glow of his control panel on the right of the mid section of the "Dalek" "and the lights are gold above him" Also, the lighting could cause Davros' armor to look different, probably a ploy to make you think that it's not him so he creates even more impact The Daleks invade Earth and take over the Torchwood Hub. Confirmed in trailer and pictures of the episode. This episode features Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson and others. It is rumoured that Professer River Song may be in this episode or the next, as River Song said that she had been to the end of the universe and at the end of turn left the Doctor said "it's the end of the universe".This can be possible because River Song was talking about the Doctor's looks in the episode Silence in the Library and this is David Tennant's last series so she must meet him in these series. Untrue, as David Tennant is confirmed to star through 2010. Also, River did not recognise Donna when they met, and Donna is most definitely in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. In the Doctor Who Confidential episode following on from Turn Left, a figure appears rolling from the shadows, which is Davros - who is clearly seen for a second or two. Planets disappearing has been a recurring theme in series 4 and now that the Earth has been 'stolen' it appears to be the next one. Gallifrey is one of the stolen planets and is restored at the end of the battle. The Doctor isn't at war, or fighting, the Judoon. The Judoon are the defence for the Shadow Proclamation.Davros refers to Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, and possibly the minor companions as The Children Of Time. Sarah Jane Smith has already had past experience in dealing and/or fighting against Davros with The Doctor, albeit in his fourth incarnation. However Sarah Jane could be the one with the knowledge about how to destroy Davros and the circumstances on which he came to Earth. She may prove vital in the battle to come.Jack can not save Gwen & lanto by from the tralier he says We're Dead. It is unlikely they die as there is another series of Torchwood with Gwen and lanto in it, but possible as the next episode will reset everything anyway. The Daleks attack Torchwood as in the tralier Ianto & Gwen are fireing guns. Donna may look into the heart of the TARDIS and become the Bad Wolf entity. The Doctor (If he is trapped in the Medusa Cascade) will not be able to help her. The BBC One website states that Francine Jones, Martha's mother, will reappear in this episode. The website doesn't include Harriet Jones, despite her appearing the next time trailer. The Daleks can strangly laugh (Rather crepply) this is either Davros or the red/gold dalek (with emotions back in).As the Daleks invade UNIT, Martha Jones manages to escape using a teleport, which takes her to New York. Planets disappearing has been a recurring theme in series 4 and now that the Earth has been 'stolen' it appears to be the next one. The planets that have been mentioned as missing have been stolen by the Daleks and Davros who are trying to create a New Dalek Empire. Gallifrey is one of the stolen planets and is restored at the end of the battle. Unlikely, as the Doctor stated that Gallifrey burned. The Judoon are the guards for the Shadow Proclamation.The BBC One website states that Francine Jones, Martha's mother, will reappear in this episode. The website doesn't include Harriet Jones, despite her appearing in the next time trailer. While in New York Martha decides to go back to the genetic laboratory under the Empire State building and discovers Dalek Caan chained up there. Martha's phone will play an important part in the story. Earth is not in its own solar system, it is seen in the trailer with planets not from our solar system, close enough to be seen by the naked eye on Earth. On the other hand if it is the end of the universe, space could be retracting. The 'secret of the vault' has to do with the red Dalek. In Doctor Who Confidential for the episode Turn Left, RTD mentioned that the TARDIS may be exploding, he also mentioned the fact that the bees are disappearing (and sounded surprised that it is happening in real life also), and that something from every episode would tie together in the finale. Davros has created the Daleks by taking humans from the future and coming back in time to kill their ancestors in a similar way to The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. This conflicts with the rumour that Davros is using Dalek Caan as a template for new Daleks. Furthermore, this concept has already been explored in The Parting of the Ways. The Universe is shattering which gives Rose the ability to cross between worlds There are other worlds, capable for people on Earth to see with the naked eye, so it is possible that planets are being moved to another galaxy for a parallel world, meaning the Earth has been stolen This place the planets are being taken to could be the Medusa Cascade Davros and a Dalek army were sealed in rift at the Medusa Cascade during the Time War but now they have freed themselves, causing a fracture in which all universes are collapsing. This gives Rose the ability to travel between worlds. Davros then wants to destroy the TARDIS inside the Medusa Cascade rift, or Cardiff rift, to blow a hole in time which will allow Skaro to be saved but could result in Gallifrey being restored. The Judoon are servants of the Shadow Proclamation as they are "Intergalactic Police" and part of the function of the Shadow Proclamation appears to involve the upholding of galactic law. The Children of Time could be Time Lords, supporting the return of Gallifrey theory. That would mean there are now Time Lords. One unresolved story element was the Face of Boe's last words, "You are not alone." While in season 3 this appeared to be an allusion to the Master's return, it could also mean that the Children of Time are Time Lords that also survived the Time War, perhaps even members of the Deca. The secret the Doctor has kept about the Time War is that he allowed Gallifrey to be stolen. Another clue to the return of Gallifrey theory is, in The Fires of Pompeii, Evelina says The Doctor's name is hidden in the Medusa Cascade and the only people who could know his name are people from his home planet Davros reveals that he has been in control of the Shadow Proclamation since he escaped back in Remembrance of the Daleks and that the Judoon find out that Davros has killed the Leaders of the Shadow Proclamation. Where as the Judoon, The Daleks and Davros all wage war to gain control of the Shadow Proclamation. Davros is using the Medusa Cascade to steal breeding worlds (The Adipose planet, the Sontarans' home planet Sontar etc.etc) and he's using them to breed more ruthless Daleks after Dalek Caan told him about what happened to the Cult of Skaro. The Daleks want to eliminate the Children of Time; they try to assassinate each member starting with UNIT, then at the home of Harriet Jones (Three Daleks are seen in the 30 sec trailer to be inside a rural cottage), followed by London. Flydale North might appear as Harriet Jones is not in office and the Daleks try to kill her at her home as she is a member of The Children of Time. Davros tortures Dalek Caan after hearing that Caan has failed his missions twice. He also mentions Nyder to Dalek Caan Saying "Nyder has always been my best ally, unlike you, you pathetic machine". In the trailer, there appears to be a space battle occurring between the Dalek fleet and a fleet of Shadow Proclamation ships like the one seen in Partners In Crime. At one point in the trailer, a Dalek ship appears above Chiswick and appears to destroy a street of housing. Possible, as an explosion was heard after the Dalek ship clip. Harriet Jones is not the red Dalek supreme as in a tv guide it has some quotes from an interview with RTD and he mentions all the companions who are returning to save the world from the Daleks and Harriet Jones is included in this list of helpers. The red Dalek is more powerful like the Special Weapons Dalek. K9 returns. The Harriet Jones featured in this episode is not the one from our universe, but the Harriet Jones who is President of Great Britain in Pete's World. Sarah Jane, Mickey and Jackie are taken prisoner by the Daleks in order to help the Doctor who has also been taken prisoner Donna Noble is turned into the red Dalek, as the fortune teller in Turn Left says "What will you become" unlikely The episode starts with the TARDIS being red on the inside and it catches fire confirmed by set photos The Judoon are sided with the Daleks, as in the trailer, when somebody says "Doctor turn back!" the Judoon seem shocked by this and seem to grab her by the slight movment made by them, before it changes shot. It is not a Dalek that enters Torchwood, it is a Judoon, as in the trailer, when the door opens, you can see a slight bit of black, before it changes scene. What happens in this episode may also happen on Journey's end.


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