Firstly the Daily express published a article saying about David (tenant) quiting his rose as "the tenth doctor"

BBC chiefs are preparing to make David Tenant a £1.3million offer to stop him quitting Doctor Who.
the Sources claim the 37-year-old Scot will be offered a new deal worth up to £100,000 an episode.

A senior BBC source said: “Everyone assumes David is quitting but that’s not the case. We’re hoping he will be back.

and here's the digie spy stuff for stolen earth:

This week on Doctor Who there's the mother of all reunions. In 'The Stolen Earth' - the first episode of the two-part finale - our planet is suddenly plucked from the solar system and deposited (along with 26 others) in a place far, far away.

Donna and The Doctor are left clueless in the TARDIS, which is hovering in the empty space where the Earth used to be. Meanwhile, on Earth itself, mass panic and hysteria reigns. Companions from the past start to band together to summon the Doctor and save the world from "the darkness".

This means the return of Martha Jones, on assignment for UNIT in New York; Captain Jack, who appears in the Torchwood hub alongside Gwen and Ianto; and Sarah Jane, together with son Luke and trusty computer Mr. Smith.

Oh, and what about Rose? Well, she decides to pay Donna's parents a visit and misses out on a lot of the action. But she deserves a reunion too, doesn't she? Yes. Yes she does.


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