online shop, have now released information and a picture about there new doctor who product called the "Spinning Tardis Bubble Bath" the upcoming product features both a spinning Tardis and the tenth doctor with his sonic screwdriver,you can see it in action
it contains 250ml of bubble bath and will be released on the 30th September at the Recommended Retail Price of £3.99.

Toys R Us have recently released infomation about there new dalek voice changer, like the previous golden dalek voice changer that you can has been on our shelf for quite some time now, you can speak like a dalek using the voice changer, the picture above is illustration purposes only an official image has not yet been released.
you can read the Toys R Us Description below, and see the officle Toys R Us information here.

With the Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Mask you can speak like a Dalek, play Dalek phrases or the Exterminator sound effect using 3 activation buttons! Great dress up fun - Exterminate!

The Daleks are the Doctor’s ultimate enemy. Their outer shell is battle armour, inside which, lurks a hideous mutant from your worst nightmares. The race was genetically engineered to remove every single emotion – except hate. They despise all other living creatures and will exterminate anything and everything they come across…. without exception!

the oncoming storm have recently screencaped the new "The Sarah Jane Adventures" trailer, to view it by clicking here. and to view the trailer here on you tube,and here on the official "The Sarah Jane Adventures" website.


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