Above you can see the Doctor Who Book - space travels, it will be available to buy in paperback this September,whether they will release a hardback is unknown.
the book will have 32 pages, here's the synopsis for the book:

Journey through space with the Doctor! Visually stunning, with highly interactive features such as flaps and pull-tabs this amazing book is packed with facts along the way. A 3D pop-up features at the end.

Dalek Whizz Watch(above):

This watch features a mini Dalek which is remotely controllable from the watch itself and it really does WHIZZ!

It is still unknown when it will be put on the shops, but I will Tell you as soon as this information has been released.

I have found the sontaran action figure gift set,if you would like to see them uncarded click here to a previous post.

Recreate scenes from episodes 4 & 5 of Series 4 with this 4 figure gift set. The set includes Donna Noble, Sontaran General Staal and Commander Skorr with removable helmets along with a Sontaran Trooper with non/removable helmet. Each comes with their own accessory.


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