firstly ther is some majour majour massive shara jane spoilers for you of them filming. there huge!

this one kina speaks for its self


and there is the return of MRS WORMWOOD, as played by SAMANTHA BOND, first seen in INVASION OF THE BANE!

and NICHOLAS COURTNEY is on set reprising his role as THE BRIGADIER from DOCTOR WHO!

secondly you can now see the dr who action fuigers with the card below here(on the link):

The magazine includes:

Four brilliant posters: Journey’s End, the Judoon, Cybermen and K-9!
Tales from the TARDIS:Trouble for the Doctor on the planet Midnight.
Quiz:Test your knowledge on Journey’s End.
Make: A Supreme Dalek mask.
How to: Draw a skeleton monster!
Doctor's Data:The Duplicate Doctor and Rose.
Comic strip: The Doctor and Donna land in a strange new world in CitiZen’s Arrest.
Time Teasers:Tyler Talk and Smith or Jones, along with Bloodtide and Doomfinger’s Woven Word Search.
Who knows!: What did the Ood mean when they were talking about the Doctor’s song ending and can the Doctor marry a human?
Win: Fantastic goodies up for grabs including Doctor Who DVDs!
Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who –Creatures and Demons book!
the bbc have made another book about dr who and it is about the adventures of russel t davis and his journey through time and space, no its not rely (lol) you can read bout it below

A unique look into the BBC’s most popular family drama, Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale is a year in the life of the hit television series, as told by the show’s Head Writer and Executive Producer. A candid and in-depth correspondence between Russell T Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook, the book explores in detail Russell's work on Series Four, revealing how he plans the series and works with the show's writers; where he gets his ideas for plot, character and scene; how actors are cast and other creative decisions are made; and how he juggles the demands of Doctor Who with the increasingly successful Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs.

Russell’s scripts are discussed as they develop, and Russell and Ben’s wide-ranging discussions bring in experiences from previous series of Doctor Who as well as other shows Russell has written and created, including Queer As Folk, Bob & Rose, and The Second Coming. The reader is given total access to the show as it’s created, and the writing is everything you would expect from Russell T Davies: warm, witty, insightful, and honest.

Fully illustrated with never-before-seen photos and artwork – including original drawings by Russell himself – The Writer's Tale is a not only the ultimate Doctor Who book, but a celebration of great writing and great television.

Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale is scheduled for release on the 25th September. The book will be hardback, consist of 512 pages and go on sale at an RRP of £30. Russell and Ben will be making an appearance at the National Theatre on the 7th November 2008 to promote and discuss the book.
and lastley according to a dr who website (which is quite reliable) 2,500 fans called

07700 900461
(the dr's number which nearley all his companions were trying to call)

but all they were given was a dead dial tone.
heres what some of them said:

Grrr - I phoned the Doctor's phone number but there was just an annoying network message.""What's the point in showing a phone number if you're not gonna use it?!"

"They showed that number so many times, as if they were asking for it to be called."


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