firstley heres an interviw with catherine tate on the grayam norton show and if you live in the UK then you can watch it on bbc iplayer,it might contain Adult Humour.

and here's an Interview with Russel T that brordcasted this morning:

Radio times have given out a "scariest monster" poll,I think its correct but wheres the empty child?

1. Weeping Angels - 42.3%
2. Daleks and Davros - 25.8%
3. Cybermen - 6.8%
4. Other - 5.5%
5. Scarecrows - 5.21%
6. Sontarans - 3.75%
7. The Master - 2.96%
8. Slitheen - 2.61%
9. Ood - 2.31%
10. Clockwork Robots - 1.97%
11. Autons - 0.79%

TV and TV choice have given out some awards and here's who they gave them to:

Best Loved Drama Series:
The Bill, ITV1
Doctor Who, BBC1
Torchwood, BBC2
Waterloo Road, BBC1

Best Actor:
John Barrowman, Torchwood
Martin Clunes, Doc Martin
Philip Glenister, Ashes To Ashes
David Tennant, Doctor Who
Stephen Tompkinson, Wild At Heart

In other news,the official ratings for Turn left have been released

The figures show that episode eleven of the current series, Turn Left, had a final viewing figure of 8.09 million for its debut showing on Saturday night on BBC One. This is over a million viewers higher than the initial overnight figure, and means the episode finished in 4th place in the most-watched programmes across all channels for the week. This is the highest chart placing ever gained by a regular series episode of Doctor Who, beaten only by the 2nd place finish of last year's Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned.

The BBC Three Sunday night repeat of the episode gained 915,000 viewers, finishing fourth for the week out of all BBC Three programmes.

And lastly Elisabeth salden (who plays Shara jane smith) says it is quite unlikely that she will return to dr Who (noooooooooooooo)You can read the whole article below:

Elisabeth Sladen believes that she will never appear in Doctor Who after the current season.
The actress reprised her role as former companion Sarah Jane Smith in the two-part finale 'The Stolen Earth/Journey's End', but felt that it will be her character's swansong on the show.
Sladen told Doctor Who Magazine: "This time, actually, I said to David [Tennant], 'I've never thought this before, but I think this is the last time I'll be here'. It felt like it was my last time on Doctor Who."
"I'm happy with that," she continued. "You have to stop somewhere. And then I thought, well, I'd better enjoy these episodes. And I did. I had the most amazing time. It's been fun."
Since being a series regular in the 1970s, Sladen has returned to the show on several occasions and is currently filming a second season of CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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