Above you can see doctor who adventures issue #74.
It includes:

* Free Monster Stationary Set.
* The Children Of Time.
* Cut-out Dalek Mini mag.
* Whats your favourite Episode?-vote for your favorite episode.
* Beetle Tracks - see how the team made the Time Beetle.
* Design a Dalek Competition Results.
*new posters of,rose in turn left, Doctor moon in silence in the library/forest of the dead and dalek cann in his real form.
*cyber quiz.

And secondly SILAS CARSON,(the voice of THE OOD and some other voices), can be seen in episode four of the UK television series, BONEKICKERS. It will be broadcast on July 29 and he plays a character called Kahmil.
you can see he official bonekickers website here.

Also starring, as part of the regular cast, is GUGU MBATHA RAW (pictured below) as Viv Davis. The actress played Tish(the sister of Martha Jones).


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