The End of the World" was the second episode of Series 1. It marked the first appearance of Lady Cassandra O'Brien, The Face of Boe and of the Doctor's psychic Paper. Not counting short hops across London in the previous story, it also marked Rose's first real trip in the TARDIS.

Episode Location:

Platform One, in Earth orbit year 5,000,000,000


Cassandra O'Brien,Adherents of the Repeated Meme,Metal Spiders and Surgeons


Euros Lyn


Phil Collinson


2nd April 2005


Russell T. Davies


Saturday - 8.0 million viewers

The Doctor decides to show Rose the future of the Earth and takes her all of the way forward to the year 5,000,000,000 to the day on which the Earth is destroyed.
They arrive on Platform 1, a space station near the planet which is heavily shielded to allow some of the richest and most powerful people in the Galaxy to watch the Earth be consumed by its own star. When the race responsible for the administration of the platform begin dying and the station shows signs of being sabotaged the Doctor with the help of a tree called Jabe races to save the station and the alien delegates before they are all destroyed.

Cast list:

Christopher Eccleston - The Doctor
Billie Piper - Rose
Simon Day - Steward
Yasmin Bannerman - Jabe
Jimmy Vee - Moxx of Balhoon
Zoe Wanamaker - Cassandra
Camille Coduri - Jackie Tyler
Beccy Armory - Raffalo
ComputerVoice - Sara Stewart
Alien Voices - Silas Carson
Previous story: "Rose"
following story: "The Unquiet Dead"


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