Firstly here's the radio times cover,I mean doesn't it look cool.
it includes
an interview with Executive Producer, Russell T. Davies regarding the lowdown on The Doctor's women.
a token from this week's magazine and next week's magazine, which together with a cheque for £2.99 will get them a double sided poster - one side featuring Davros, the other featuring the Supreme Dalek.


And keep your eyes out for the radio times website where they will soon be doing a competition to win a davros mask

here are some pictures of rose and the Dr.

Here's the torchwood series 2 boxset, and here's whats on each cd:

Disc 1
Episodes: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Sleeper and To The Last Man

Disc 2
Episodes: Meat, Adam, Reset and Dead Man Walking

Disc 3
Episodes: A Day In The Death, Something Borrowed and From Out Of The Rain

Disc 4
Episodes: Adrift, Fragments and Exit Wounds
Extras: Deleted scenes, Outtakes and The Lives & Deaths of Captain Jack

Disc 5
Extras: Torchwood Declassified Cut Downs

please post below


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